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After doing research, some people may feel they can negotiate their debt without the help of a debt settlement company. But if they want to save more money, and obviously save time, the debt settlement solutions they need will come from a good debt settlement company. Our best advice is to never assume you know everything you need to know about debt settlement solutions. Get the facts.

  • Your debt company has been doing what they do for years. They have developed strategies and tactics that make it possible for them to negotiate lower amounts than you would be able to on your own.
  • The way you get your creditors to settle with you is to have enough money to offer them. Debt settlement programs make it possible for you to save that money by making payments into a trust account. You can’t spend money you don’t have access to.
  • You have proof to give to a court if a creditor decides to take you to court. Your proof of actively working to repay the debt is what the judge is going to want to see.
  • A debt settlement company constantly makes offers to your creditor starting at a very low amount during the time when you are building funds in your trust account. This time-consuming work is done for you.
  • Once your debt is settled, you have a legal paper trail in order to make your credit report accurately reflect what you’ve done

Finally, the debt settlement solutions you can get with the right company will come from their relationships with the banks. They can get to the people who actually make the decisions. If you truly want your debts off your back, and you want to settle for the lowest amount possible, sign on with a good company that has been doing this work for years.

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